First Boxing Walkthrough

Look at the red areas on the image below, if you click on 'em you are gonna pull out a STRONG punch. Strong Punches deal a lot more damage than normal ones. They however require some time to pull off. These punches are called hook (horizontal) and uppercut (vertical).

Strong Punches

When the opponent is trying to hit you ( rising his hand ), you must dodge his punch by moving the cursor on the opposite side of where he is going to punch. You can also dodge a punch by moving away from it. That is pressing 'S' to move backwards.


Why aren't my punches landing?
You cannot punch opponent while he is trying to hit you! You can punch opponent if he misses his punch (you dodge him). This is very useful.

(I) Franchesco

Just use the basic fighting skills from above. You must learn to dodge, if you can not defeat Franchesco.

(II) La Derp

You can not hit him all the time, you must wait for him to try and kiss you ( below screen) at this point hit him with a hook or an uppercut.

(III) Super Hik

He will blast you away with his garlic breath. When he is running at you, dodge to the side (move the cursor to the side of the screen) to avoid his 'double punch'. Then use the opportunity and strike.

(IV) Chappy

He will always dodge your punches and laugh at you. You must hit him only when he is laughing at you and standing in place (not laughing 'cause you missed a punch). wait for him to laugh. ( screen below )

(V) Ol' Man James

He will start flying around you. When he is flying you can't punch him so just dodge. To dodge his stick do the following: watch his eyebrows.
- if he moves his eyebrows up then move your mouse cursor down (guard position)
- if he moves his eyebrows down then move your mouse cursor up (normal position)

(VI) Uno Piccolo Bambino

Look at the picture and numbers below. His hitting pattern is 1 2 3 4 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 4 4 3 2 1 and so on. He goes from left to right then back left, then back right, etc. Do not try to hit him while he is doing the pattern, you can�t. At the time he hits area 2 you must jump with your cursor to area 1 also when he is coming back from right to left, and when he is at position 3 you should jump to 4 with your mouse to dodge him. When you dodge him for long enough, he get's tired. Use this opportunity.

(VII) Bazzoka

Look at his head. Look for the cat and the punches it's throwing. He mimics the cat. There is also a double punch where you should remain in the center to dodge successfully.

(VIII) Afroman

Afroman likes to lie. When he is looking straight at you while he's punching, he is telling the truth. If he's looking down while he's punching he is lying. If Afroman is speaking the truth he will hit the place where his hand is, otherwise not. Sometimes he will stop and smile at you. He likes to smile. Use this opportunity to hit him...

(IX) Dimitrij

Dimitrij is strong, but he is dumb. Wait for him to make a stupid face, and dumb noises. When he is doing the dumb noises hit him with a strong punch (hook, uppercut). After you hit him with a strong punch he will kneel down, and you can hit him even with a jab now. So deal some damage until he recovers.

(X) Psychobot

There is no help for you here :D